Dust separation systems with cyclone

Repeatable and constant finishes over time

Ciclone con sistema a Venturi

The centrifugal cyclone or dust collector is a device capable to eliminate dust from the air using the centrifugal force principle.
The dusted air coming from the sandblasting cabinet is pushed inside the cyclone system where a forced circular air current separates, by inertia, the heavier dust grains from the air, which fall from top to bottom in a recovery hopper to be subsequently re-circulated.
The exhausted air can be further filtered with special filters, before being returned into the environment.

Ciclone con sistema in Pressione

Recognize a cyclone system

To recognize a cyclone system, and therefore a real dust separation system and not a fictitious solution, it is necessary to check the position of the air/sand mixer .

If the mixer is located under the hopper of the machine, the system doesn't have a true separator cyclone system. In fact the heavy grit will inevitably fall down and put back into circulation circuit and fired again.
Moreover, if the electric fan were able to remove residuals and burrs, it would also take away "good" material; this is because the cyclone-free systems only work on the weight difference of the powders present in the cabinet.

The mixer on Lampugnani sandblasting and shot-peening machines with cyclone is located just below the cyclone, where is the starting point of the sand, and its re-entry, will occur only after being centrifuged, sieved and separated from the cyclone itself.


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Shot peening products

Glass microbeads

Fields of application

Mechanical, Molds, Aeronautical, Deburring, Decoration, Surface Cleaning

Ceramic microbeads

Fields of application

Dental Technique, Medical, Food, Shot-peening

Metal grit

Fields of application

Foundries, Removal, Roughness

Main products for sandblasting

Brown-red corundum

Fields of application

Finishing, Restoration, Engraving, Surface roughness

White corundum

Fields of application

Finishes on Glass, Wood Restoration, Decoration, Medical, Dental Technique

Plastic granules

Fields of application

Molds, Surface Cleaning, Roughness


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