Analysis and test...because the finishing could not be superficial!

Together we evaluate the plant and the best treatment for your work

We provide the customer with a "Lab Test" area set up with all the Lampugnani sandblasting and shot-peening machines, where it is possible to try the most suitable finishing with various materials and various grain sizes and to touch with hand the quality of our products.

The Lab Test allow to:

  • Calculate the execution time
  • Measure the degree of roughness using a certified roughness tester
  • Check the different degrees of finishing by the microscope
  • Acquire practicality in the use of the plant
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esempio di test di laboratorio su metallo 30x

Pezzo grezzo non lavorato

Test di pallinatura con microsfere 200/300 µm

Test di sabbiatura con corindone 100 µm

Test di sabbiatura con corindone 40 µm