Sandblasting/Shotpeening machine with manual/automatic rotary basket

Designed for 3D prototypes cleaning


Features LC/2 TR 350 CR

  • Perforated plate basket diam. mm.350 -> coating in non-abrasive nylon
  • Cyclone with HP. 0.75 for dust separation -> constant finishes over time
  • Rotating table: diam. 700 -> ideal for handling inside the cabin
  • Double Gun: 1 "light" gun and practice dedicated to manual operations - 1 highly abrasion-resistant automatic gun
  • Double Door Left and Right: The Left door dedicated to manual loading / unloading - The Right door dedicated to automatic basket loading / unloading
  • Exhaust valve -> practical and fast sand change with special handle
  • Adjustable timer for sandblasting / shot peening cycle
  • Adjustable blowing cycle timer
  • Basket rotation speed regulator
  • Motor variator mounted at 90 ° with external engine cover -> minimum overall dimensions
  • modelli-additive

    LC/2 TR 350 CR with cyclone

    Medium and large-sized sandblasting and shot-peening machines with rotary table for handling bulky pieces and for large productions.

    LC/550 CR whitout cyclone

    LC/551 CR with cyclone

    Automatic sandblasting and shot-peening machines with a timed rotating basket for mass treatment of small parts

    LC/600 RSV4 with cyclone

    Automatic sandblasting and shot-peening machines for mass treatment of large quantities of small and medium-sized parts


    Discover the right solution for your work

    To get the best results you need to use appropriate quality products. Lampugnani suggests a range of abrasives and non-abrasives products for sandblasting and shot peening treatments. Always in stock and ready for delivery, a full range products in different sizes, tested and guaranteed to be used on the entire range of Lampugnani Sandblasting Machines.

    Shot peening products

    Glass microbeads

    Fields of application

    Mechanical, Molds, Aeronautical, Deburring, Decoration, Surface Cleaning

    Ceramic microbeads

    Fields of application

    Dental Technique, Medical, Food, Shot-peening

    Metal grit

    Fields of application

    Foundries, Removal, Roughness

    Main products for sandblasting

    Brown-red corundum

    Fields of application

    Finishing, Restoration, Engraving, Surface roughness

    White corundum

    Fields of application

    Finishes on Glass, Wood Restoration, Decoration, Medical, Dental Technique

    Plastic granules

    Fields of application

    Molds, Surface Cleaning, Roughness


    For your sandblasting machine only original spare parts "Lampoblast "