Really effective solutions on all types of surface processing thanks to the experience in the field since the '70s

Over 12,000 plants installed throughout Italy in almost 50 years of business

Lampugnani Sabbiatrici has its roots back in 1976, when the founder Ernesto Lampugnani opened his first individual company.
The company's entrepreneurial, technical and constructive capacities growed rapidly and it received praise all over the world for the quality and constructional accuracy of its line of sandblasting and shot-peening machines.
In 1997 the company was transformed into Lampugnani Sabbiatrici Srl and in 2008 it opened a second office.

The technical know-how, experience and determination still allow the company to offer products that are extremely qualitative, reliable, efficient and functional.

Today Lampugnani Sabbiatrici can count on constantly updated personnel on all the technical innovations and trade regulations and strongly motivated to participate and achieve the corporate objectives thanks to the transparency of the decisions of the Management.

Lampugnani Sabbiatrici is not only production but also assistance pre / post sales and supply of all the materials necessary for the work, such as microspheres in glass and ceramic, white corundum, reddish-red corundum, plastic granules and granules, to keep the systems we have manufactured always high-performance.

All products made in Italy and spare parts, certified "LampoBlast".


Ergonomics & Operator Comfort

Lampugnani Sabbiatrici stands out for its continuous research and development of innovative technical solutions, not only dedicated for the surface finishing and quality construction, but also aimed to offer solutions that are dedicated to the needs and care of the operator/user of the sandblasting/shot-peening machine.
The simple maintenance of each component for speed and safety, allows an harmonious use of the cabin in a lasting and continuous way.

Padded gloves

"LAMPO-COMFORT" Neoprene anti-fatigue gloves offered the maximum comfort and support during use of the sandblasting / shot-peening machine.

Gun support

Adjustable gun support permits to handle the parts to be treated under the sandblasting and / or shot-peening jet without holding the gun in hand.

Self-locking pedal

Pedal with step-by-step valve with interlocking function, in order to activate and maintain the sandblasting / shot-peening jet. This allows to operator to assume the correct posture without having to constantly remain with the foot on the pedal.

Filter cartridge replacement

The filter can be changed externally from the filter chamber for easy and safe maintenance for the operator.

Glass replacement

Quick change of internal protective glass with closing knobs positioned on the counter-frame with gaskets.

Gloves replacement

Replacement of gloves outside from the sandblasting / shot-peening chamber to avoid direct contact by the operator with the working area.